About Us

Welcome to Flyzer Family

Flyzer Product Marketing Private Limited is one of the fastest growing direct selling company in India focused on uplifting the lives of people in India by giving them “healthier life – a wealthier way”. Flyzer is driven by a passionate and well experienced team of management professionals having decades long footprint of versatility in manufacturing, marketing, management and trade sectors. We believe that high thinking and rigorous implementing on the idea of using the mass of people of India can lead this nation towards the financial freedom for all, with ample progressive hopes. That’s why we are committed to deliver the “best opportunities with even better products” for our consumers and partners.

Our principle aim at work is to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, and co-create inclusive working models that help each of our associates achieve success together. Where Flyzer is known for introducing best quality products at reasonable and competitive but also at controlled prices, on the other hand we are well concerned to provide every single product to our consumer within their reach with ease. Therefore, we have come up with our retail & business franchise model, by which Flyzer is trying to go as farther the last consumer exists. Our well designed and managed franchise program gives maximum benefits to the investors for which they can rely upon for industry’s best return on their investment.